Sun King® Diamond Coating
Applied to the Rolls-Royce Ghost of  Marrying Millions celebrity
Bill Hutchinson.
Here at the Palm Beach boat show with Sunreef Yachts.

Unveiled in late 2019 in Texas was an Aspen White™ Rolls-Royce Ghost coated in Sun King® Diamond Coating.
The car belongs to Dallas-based property tycoon and philanthropist Bill Hutchinson, also known from the hit tv series "Marrying Millions", who recently constructed the new Virgin Hotel in the Dallas Design District.


The Art of diamond coating is a highly bespoke process that requires great skill and expertise and the dazzling combination of Aspen White™ paint with Sun King® Diamond Coating is truly a sight to behold.


The overall effect is one of pure, understated luxury but which elevates and inspires in bright sunlight when the diamonds become a translucent sea of brilliance.

-Boat International - Beyond Luxury Magazine-



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